Yuvraj singh play major role in 2011 world cup become player of the tournament prove astrologers wrong


Astrology said that Rahu’s time is on the cricketer
Won the World Cup title after a few months

New Delhi: Which Indian will not remember the 2011 ODI World Cup today? When Mahendra Singh Dhoni had named the World Cup for India by hitting a six. In fact, Indian veteran Yuvraj Singh had a huge contribution in bringing India here. He played many match-winning innings and took India to the finals. But do you know that astrologers used to tell Yuvraj before the World Cup that his form is bad and he will take time to come back.

Actually, during an interview, the interviewer had told him that there are many such reports in the newspaper, in which the astrologer has said that Yuvraj Singh’s inner condition is bad. Rahu’s period is on him. His form will come back in a few months. Responding to this, Yuvraj Singh said, “Whatever Rahu Ketu is, I do not believe in all these things. I believe in representing my country, in working hard. Many people believe in these things but I do not.

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Yuvraj further said, ‘I will work hard to improve. We have to focus on how we will win the World Cup. We have to do better in the series against South Africa and Australia. People should not believe in all these things, read newspapers and watch TV less.

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won the world cup
Yuvraj Singh made India win the World Cup in the year 2011 by proving these rumors like Rahu-Ketu to be false. He had performed brilliantly throughout the tournament. For this reason, he was also the ‘Man of the Tournament’. In the final match, he batted unbeaten till the end along with Dhoni and contributed 21 runs. Apart from this, he also took 2 wickets. Dhoni had won the match by hitting a six.

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