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Yuvraj Singh Shared video of Dubai Fame Park Where He Takes On A Liger In Tug Of War

New Delhi. Yuvraj Singh may have retired from cricket. But his popularity has not diminished. Fans still remember his fiery batting even today. Yuvraj also does not disappoint his fans and whenever he gets a chance, he tries to connect with them. Especially on social media, he often shares funny videos to entertain the fans. He has shared one such video on his Instagram. In this, the tiger of cricket is seen doing two hands with the caged ‘liger’. This video is from Dubai’s Fame Park.

In this video, Yuvraj is seen doing ‘tug of war’ i.e. tug of war with Liger (tiger). On one side the tiger is holding the rope in its mouth, while the other end is in the hands of Yuvraj. Efforts are being made from both sides. But now whose bus runs in front of the power of the king of the jungle. After much effort, the tigers of cricket bow their heads in front of the power of the tiger and release the rope. Even though Yuvraj lost in this fight. But his fans do not mind this and they are very much liking this video.

Actually, the liger is born from the combination of a male lion and a female tigress. That’s why it is called Liger, not Tiger.

Yuvraj shares video of fight with Liger
Yuvraj also wrote a funny caption with this video that Tiger vs Liger And yes, of course we know the result. It was a lovely experience to overcome my fears. That too amidst the true nature of the forest. Yuvraj is currently in UAE and he had come to visit Fame Park in Dubai and from here shared his funny video of more than 4 minutes on Instagram. In this video, he used to try hard with ligers, and sometimes he was seen feeding animals like bears, monkeys. Millions of people have seen this video of him so far.

Animals are kept safe: Yuvraj
He further wrote that Fame Park is a safe haven, where all the animals are looked after and kept in a safe environment. The people who take care of animals are fully trained and fulfill all their needs. No animals have been harmed in this park.

Yuvraj is very active on social media. He recently shared a video of himself on Instagram. In this, he narrated the story of Stuart Broad’s 6 sixes in the 2007 T20 World Cup. This video was also very much liked by the fans.

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