Yuvraj Singh used to harass Dhoni, used to make fun of him, Mahi made him silent by saying a line

New Delhi. A lot has been said and written about the relationship between former Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and flamboyant all-rounder Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj has also often been strongly criticizing Dhoni. Even Yograj Singh has blamed Dhoni for all the bad things that happened in Yuvraj and his career. However, the truth is far from this, as Dhoni and Yuvraj have always been good friends. Yuvraj Singh has also praised Dhoni from time to time and Dhoni has also given ample opportunities to Yuvi. But it was not so in the beginning. When Mahendra Singh Dhoni came to Team India, Yuvraj used to trouble him a lot.

Both Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have played very good cricket together and have made many winning partnerships for the team. There was always a good rapport between the two when they played together. However, how did the two become friends? There is also an interesting story behind this. This story was shared by none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself at the launch of Yuvraj’s autobiography ‘The Taste of My Life’.

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni has led India in all formats. Yuvraj has also been the vice-captain, but could never become the captain, while he was senior to Dhoni. Yuvraj made his debut in the Indian team in 2000, while Dhoni came to Team India in late 2004. That’s why Dhoni was junior to Yuvi in ​​the team. When the Jharkhand cricketer made it to the team for the first time, he had to face ragging by his seniors. Yuvraj Singh along with other teammates used to pull Dhoni’s leg and called him ‘Bihari’.

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Yuvraj Singh did not miss any opportunity to taunt Dhoni, a new player coming from a small town. Even after the Ranchi boy scored big ODI centuries against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Yuvraj used to scold him, saying that fours and sixes were fine, but the most important thing was to play match-winning innings when it mattered.

Dhoni changed his game and became a formidable finisher for the country. But even this did not help, because by then Yuvraj Singh had set a new standard for him. This time Yuvraj Singh said that it is a Test match, where the true value of a batsman could be estimated. This was when Dhoni had had enough. In the end Dhoni asked Yuvraj Singh, it is fine but tell me one thing, why are you always so angry? This one sentence of Dhoni erased every distance between the two and after this both Yuvi and Mahi became good friends.

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